Sunday, April 12, 2009

World Class Buffet

The recording process of this album was quite a journey. We had a mission: record 12 songs in 12 hours with our live band. This, by the way, is almost impossible to achieve unless you record good takes and you do not waste anytime between them. To the surprise of the sound engineer at the Mixart studio, we accomplished quite a miracle by nailing all the songs, we even had more material to create interludes.

We proceeded in four steps:

1. We spent 9 months rehearsing in different places: from De Rouen Studio to Loyola campus to some dungeon studio on Decarie boulevard. We pretty much learned how to perform with each other in a way that highlights each of our creative approaches. We then created and explored various styles of music to obtain multiple song structures. I think it was very important for us to obtain a unique sound that has a universal appeal.

2. The recording of the instrumental pieces was done at the renowned Mixart studio in Montreal. We chose that studio for the quality and rareness of their equipment. Mixart is known for their legendary analog material coupled with classic microphones that add a special texture to the sound. Perfect for what we wanted: a warm Vintage sound.

3. Our odyssey continued at Media Musique Studio located in St-Michel (close to all those haitian restaurants where we gathered strengths to accomplish our task). In two 24 hours sessions, we went in to record the overdubs with guest musicians on horn section and guitar. We also compressed each instruments and mixed all the songs until we obtained the sound we wanted. We are grateful to Johnny Illdigger (sound engineer/producer of Boom Bap Cats) , he gave us a helpful hand with the mixing.

4. Finally, the last destination was at Metazon Creations Studio to record the main vocals. The process took us 48 hours straight. Let me tell you, those hours felt like days. We really had to be in the right mood for each song to be able to translate the essence of it to the listener, honey flavoured tea was our best friend that weekend. It helped us keep our voices on point!

This album first started as a dream, we are grateful it is now a reality.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it and experience the same excitement we had making it.

Your love and support is our greatest inspiration.

Thank you!

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